Casa Foundation India

Casa Foundation India (CFI) is committed to the development of underprivileged and believes in sustainability and holistic approach. The action of Casa Foundation is to assist local NGOs in the conceptualization, fundraising, planning and monitoring of their projects.


  • Women Empowerment through income generation activities
  • Promote water & soil conservation, health, education and bio-agriculture
  • Provide training and technical support to women and farmers
  • Provide education for vulnerable children


We help to provide quality education to marginalized
population. We have built schools & accommodation for children with special needs. We have also made safe homes for street kids

CFI helps women living below the poverty line to play a leading role in society  by supporting their social, personal and economic development. We facilitate the formation of Self Help Groups (SHG) for the creation of income generating economic activities through access to microcredit at preferential rates.

rural development

Our goal is to prevent economic migration to large cities by boosting the local economy and improving living conditions. We participate in the preservation of rain water in large village tanks, in promoting bio‐agricultural and efficient use of available natural resources. 

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our major programs

Small homes, big dreams

Casa Foundation partnered with NGO DIN for the rehabilitation and social reintegration of street children at risk in Bangalore. The program is based on a holistic approach of education throughout various activities that will build children’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Resourceful Women

This is a complete training program for women empowerment with the creation of sustainable economic activities via access to public micro-credit.

Water for Life

Integrated watershed management program “Water for Life” in the rural areas of Karur & Trichy districts of Tamilnadu.

Funds Raised in 2021

(in million INR). Funds raised by CFI with OFI & associate partners

Women Empowerment

1 m

Children's Education

1 m

Rural Development

1 m


1 m

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