"Food for the Hungry" Program


COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lock-down has harshly affected the livelihoods of many families and the lives of old age people and children. Casa Foundation in association with its partner NGOs are providing nutritious food to ensure the safety and basic nutrition of the effected people. We have partnered with Dream India Network (DIN) and SAMRUDHDHI Trust in Bangalore, SEVAI in Trichy, GRAMIUM in Karur and ISSAI Trust in Dindigul. These NGOs actively engaged in relief works from day one of the lock-down and work hand in hand with the Government departments and the police. They either provide cooked food or dry provisions to the families in  their respective areas. For example, the community kitchen operated by SEVAI, in collaboration with Sirugamani Town Panchayat in Trichy District feeds over 900 people and poor children since 5, April.